Our Approach – Why Team Building is Important

We believe that people learn best when actively participating in the learning process, so much of our programming is based on the principles of experiential education.

The term experiential education describes an approach to learning that starts with the premise that people learn best from doing. It involves the participants as active learners through direct participation in experiential or adventure based activities that simulate what is being studied rather than through thought and study alone.

Knowledge, skill, and value are produced as a direct result of the learners’ participation.  Experiential education has been shown to work both in real life situations and under controlled studies. The NTL Institute for Applied Behavior Sciences performed a study that showed people retain as much as 90% of what they experience compared to 20% of what they read and hear and 40% of what they observe.

Through the skills of our team of highly trained facilitators, Fusion Associates embraces experiential education as a key component for learning. When blended with a combination of powerful content, theoretical models, and a focused business perspective, experiential education is a powerful learning tool.

Our employee assessment and training workshops borrow from and/or enhance many of the most respected methodologies available in the marketplace today.

Fusion team building programs range from high-level strategic interventions and workshops to fun and motivating, community-building events. They focus on the enhancement of both “hard” and “soft” skills, as both are required to thrive in today’s demanding business environment.

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