Team Building: Build-a-BBQ

Team Building: Build-a-BBQ

Before your team can fire up the briquettes they must first get fired up themselves!

Number of Participants: 12 – 500

Program Length: 2½ – 4 hours

Space Required: Outdoors

Activity Level: Low – Moderate

Results Attained:

  • Innovation and Creativity
  • Resource Management
  • Fulfilling

Great For:

  • Company Outings
  • Spicing up a Conference
  • Invigorating & Mouthwatering Team Experience

In this sizzling team challenge, your group will literally have to build a BBQ through competing in challenges and securing flavorful ingredients that you’ll need in order to create a palate perfection. Will your team be the ones getting roasted or doing the cooking! After a brief warm-up, groups will have to catch fire as they will be presented with a series of exciting challenges, ranging from mild to spicy, that they will absolutely eat up! Based on their performance in each of these initiatives, groups will accrue funding for their shopping budget. What’s at steak you ask? Once the challenges are done being served up, each group will have to quickly formulate their shopping list before sending a representative to our “short on supply” store. As the shelves run dry, quick thinking, with limited budgets, is a must.

Things really heat up as teams have limited time to create their culinary delight while focusing on appeasing the appetites of the judging panel. With the sweet smell of BBQ permeating the air, the final presentation platters will be arranged and the tantalizing tasting will begin. Crowning the “Charcoal Champions” will be the last order of business before the smorgasbord starts.

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