Team Building: Geocaching

Team Building: Geocaching

Does your group enjoy being outdoors; have an appetite for high tech toys and an adventurous spirit? Then you might want to consider the exciting new adventure sport of Geocaching, Fusion style!

Number of Participants: 10 – 150

Program Length: 2½ Hours – Full Day

Space Required: Parks, Towns, Cities, Conference Centers

Activity Level: Moderate to Heavy

Results Attained:

Great For:

This worldwide phenomenon has individuals, families, and teams using hand held GPS’s and their eyes and intellect to search for hidden treasure all over the world! Our custom designed event is based on the sport of geo-caching but with an emphasis on the importance of working as a high performing team and thinking on your feet.

After professional instruction and practice using these high tech devices, your group is divided into small teams and sent out on an exciting mission to locate the hidden caches. Its feels like part hiking, part orienteering, and part scavenger hunt; but it’s really all about working together to find your way in a high tech world! In addition to a fun, challenging, and memorable experience for you and your team, this event can provide teachable moments for gaining insight and lessons that translate back to your work environment. We can utilize existing geo-caching courses in local parks, forests, and cities or custom design one at your location. We provide everything you need to host this event including: professional facilitators and a Geocaching survival kit with GPS’s and mapping software for each team.

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