Team Building: Fusion Chef

Team Building: Fusion Chef

This culinary competition is a unique team building experience!

Number of Participants: 20 – 100

Program Length: 3 – 4 Hours

Space Required: Indoors or Outdoors

Activity Level: Light

Results Attained:

Great For:

  • Kickoff a Conference or Meeting
  • Energizing Conferences
  • After Dinner Entertainment
  • Reducing PowerPoint Fatigue

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Your colleagues will be challenged in a setting familiar to some and unfamiliar to others. Playing the role of some of their favorite gourmet personalities, teams will compete against each other to select ingredients and prepare a gourmet entrée that will be judged by professional chefs. Working in teams of five, the team will collaborate on which ingredients to choose from the provided checklist. Each ingredient has an established point value. A dinner plan is prepared, the button on the clock is pressed and the cooking begins! The creativity flows as teams create and then name their unique dish. The chefs supports the teams, as needed, and will also judge the finished product. The program begins with a sampling of wines and hors d’oeuvres as the Head Chef describes the course of the evening’s events. Each team will create an entrée that will be judged on the following criteria: taste, balanced nutrition, creativity, presentation, concept, and execution. A true team experience! Each team works together to create their own culinary masterpiece and then gets a chance to “break bread” with the competition.

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