Innovation Workshop

Innovation Workshop

Have you tapped into your team’s true creative potential and ability to innovate? The Innovation Workshop is a unique, interactive brainstorming process that maximizes the creative output of a group so they will be better able to generate solid solutions to important business challenges.

Who Should Attend:

  • Product or Service Development Teams
  • Marketing and Promotion Teams
  • Teams Seeking Creative Solutions to Difficult Challenges

Workshop Duration:

½ day – 2 days

Innovation Workshop:

The Innovation Workshop process will ignite any team’s creativity and generate thinking that is truly “out-of-the-box.” Current business situations can serve as the focus of this workshop. Innovative solutions will be identified!

Workshop Objectives:

  • Learn the five fundamental rules of any creative process
  • Explore cutting-edge innovation theory
  • Learn powerful tools that will immediately raise the creative output of your team
  • Discover the “Innovator’s Template”–the critical mindset and competencies necessary to drive a product or potential solution from ideation to market
  • Find creative solutions to current situations

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