Team Building: Create A Cake

Team Building: Create A Cake

This fun and motivating competition is also a unique team building experience!

Number of Participants: 50 – 200

Program Length: 2 – 3 Hours

Space Required: Indoors or Outdoors

Activity Level: Light

Results Attained:

  • Fun, Energized Environment
  • Healthy Competition
  • Team Collaboration
  • Time Management

Great For:

  • Sales Conference
  • Company Outings
  • Celebrations

Your colleagues will be challenged in a setting familiar to some and unfamiliar to others. Playing the role of famous pastry chefs, teams will compete against each other to earn the ingredients and tools they need to decorate their indulgent dessert that will be critiqued by our panel of judges.

In order to earn the ingredients and tools for their creations teams will be challenged to complete a series of group initiatives that require clear communication, group process, and teamwork. Activities will be tailored to the abilities of the group and to the constraints of the venue. Once teams earn their ingredients they will then create their unique cake for presentation.

Working in teams of 6-7, the group will collaborate on which ingredients to select from the provided checklist. Each ingredient has an established point value. The creativity flows as teams create their unique dessert. Fusion Associate facilitators will support the teams as needed and will also judge the finished products.

A true team experience! Teams work together creating their own dessert masterpiece and also get the chance to enjoy their results!

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