Canoe Orienteering Challenge

Canoe Orienteering Challenge

Looking for an adventure that requires as much brains as brawn?

Number of Participants: 10 – 100

Program Length: ½ Day – Full Day

Space Required: Any Location with Water to Launch Canoes, Kayaks, or Dory Boats

Activity Level: Light to Moderate

Results Attained:

Great For:

Looking for an adventure that requires as much brain as brawn? Where what you do is as important as who does it? Then you are looking for Canoe Orienteering!

Canoe Orienteering is a canoe and/or kayak race with a map and compass. A canoe-orienteering course consists of a series of “control” sites that are marked on a map. A flag marks the location at each control site. To verify their visit, the orienteer punches their control card with a punch hanging next to the flag. The route between “controls” is not specified, and is entirely up to the team. Choosing the best route and navigating to get there is the essence of canoe orienteering.

Our design incorporates professional facilitation, additional challenges to complete, and some surprise obstacles to create a dynamic team building event that is divided into several stages; each one more complicated and requiring greater teamwork in order for the teams to be successful.

At the end of each stage the facilitator will ask participants to offer suggestions and key learnings for success. The discussion will focus on collaboration, support, trust, cooperation, defining roles, leadership, and communication. Teams will be challenged to take their support, and therefore their overall performance, to the next level.

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