Captain Kid’s Treasure Hunt

Captain Kid’s Treasure Hunt

Arrgh! There is pirate booty buried off the coast of Norwalk, CT and it is your mission to find it!

Number of Participants: 10 – 50

Program Length: 1/2 – Full Day

Space Required: Any location with Water to Launch Canoes and Kayaks

Activity Level: Moderate – High

Results Attained:

Great For:

  • Department/Company Outings
  • New-Hire Orientation
  • Sales Training

After a short introduction and safety briefing, team members must commandeer a canoe or kayak for transportation to the Norwalk Islands. After locating a treasure map, lifejacket, two-way radios, paddles, and a survival rucksack, you and your teammates will set off in search of clues to the final destination. 

You must work together to navigate the route across the water and overcome the buccaneer’s chicanery to stay on course and find the hidden treasure. A picnic lunch or BBQ dinner on the beach is a great reward at the end of the hunt. This trip includes expert paddling instruction, all equipment and safety gear, a motorized safety boat, and experienced canoe/kayak guides that accompany your group throughout the day.

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