Team Building: Corporate Olympics

Team Building: Corporate Olympics

For countless millennia, the Olympics have created a sense of community, camaraderie and healthy competition throughout the world.

Number of Participants: 50 – 1,000

Program Length: 3 – 8 hours

Space Required: Indoors or Outdoors

Activity Level: Moderate to High

Results Attained:

  • Exhilarating Team Fun
  • Great Competitive Outlet
  • Pulls Everyone Together

Great For:

  • Company/Department Outings
  • Customer Appreciation Events
  • Sales Meetings

This year our Corporate Olympics will take that one step further and include side splitting laughter, wild and crazy competitions, and huge doses of team spirit! Corporate Olympics will begin with the formation of teams, colorful flags and anthems. Once our Olympic community has been created, we will have an official torch lighting ceremony and let the games begin!!! The day’s events are held in a head to head format with all of the teams competing together. A huge scoreboard will track the points through the day as the energy continues to brim. Although we carefully tailor our slate of Olympic activities to meet the needs of each group, some of our wacky and outrageous activities may include;

Sure Can Fly Shot Put- If you think heaving a 16 pound metal ball 70 feet across a field is impressive, imagine the excitement as teams launch water balloons world record distances to a catching crew using a unique three person super shot!

Team Skis– Two feet on two skis?!?! What a waste of space! In this challenging event, entire teams will share the same set of skis as they race across the terrain together.

Human Catapult– In this larger than life event, teams will be given the materials to build a single pivoting arm for their catapult, but wait… where is the catapult? The teams will soon find out they are the body of the catapult and the team must collectively launch balls to the targeted area.

The River Race– What fun is passing a baton when you can pass channels of water through an integrate series of tubing. Although this may sound easy, when teams find out they are working against the clock and each other and their tubing can’t be touching, this wild wet and wacky event takes on an interesting twist.

There are over 50 activities to select from!

First, second, and third place winners — come to the podium and receive your medals!

Our wide variety of outrageous Olympic activities will fully engage every member of your team. Programs are designed with the specific requirements of each group in mind.

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