Team Building: Bridge Building

Team Building: Bridge Building

Here’s the challenge: Build a bridge (using only the materials provided) that will be able to sustain the weight of a golf cart driven across it!!

Number of Participants: 60 – 200

Program Length: 2½ – 3 Hours

Space Required: Indoors or Outdoors, Large Conference Room

Bridge can be 40 – 120 ft. long

Activity Level: Moderate – High

Results Attained:

  • Loud Cheering
  • Out-Of-The-Box Thinking
  • Incredible, Unifying Experience

Great For:

  • Mission-Vision Creation
  • Start of a New Year
  • Company Meetings

Your materials include cardboard, a tape measure, a knife, and of course, duct tape! Sound impossible? Most teams believe it is when they start the activity, but it can be done! The bridge will be at least 15” tall and 50” wide. The length of the bridge will vary depending on how many sub-teams are working. We have seen them as long as 120’! This event creates a truly exciting experience for all involved and the celebration that follows, as the golf cart drives across the bridge, is unbelievable! It presents teams with a next-to-impossible challenge that will leave them with a “you won’t believe what we did” story that will last for a long time. The final team photo, of the entire group standing with the bridge, is priceless!

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