Team Building: Build A Boat

Team Building: Build A Boat

Here’s the chance to see what’s more important: Having the right people on the boat or making sure everyone is rowing in the right direction!

Number of Participants: 30 – 200

Program Length: 3 – 3 1/2 hours

Space Required: Ballroom Floor, Pool, or Lake

Activity Level: Light – Moderate

Results Attained:

  • Creative and Energetic Outlet
  • Out-Of-The-Box Thinking
  • Effective Use of People & Materials

Great For:

  • Kick-Off a Training Program
  • Annual or Quarterly Meetings
  • Invigorating Team Experience

Organizations and teams are constantly faced with demanding requirements from both their internal and external customers. Satisfying customer’s needs requires both understanding the requirements and working together as a team. Build A Boat will provide the perfect “vehicle” to help bring this to the forefront.

A key customer with specific requirements has just placed an order for a fleet of boats. Each team must work together to build a boat for the fleet. Teams are provided with all materials (cardboard, plastic sheets, and duct tape) required to build a boat capable of carrying at least one person across the finish line. The resources come at a price and teams must stay within their budget.

The customer will be looking for a fleet of boats that meet their specifications, looks good, and goes fast. In fact, each boat will be tested for its seaworthiness in a race around a series of buoys. In addition, the customer will also be looking for a dazzling marketing presentation and a creative flag for each boat in the fleet.

Note: This program can be delivered as an outdoor activity in a natural body of water or as an indoor activity. As an indoor activity the regatta portion of the event can take place in a pool, or on land using tubes and plungers in place of water and paddles.

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