Team Building: Create a Community Service Day

Team Building: Create a Community Service Day

If your team has a mandate or just a desire to give back to your communities, this is just the program for you!

Number of Participants: 25 – 100

Program Length: 1 – 1½ Hours

Space Required: Indoor or Outdoor, Large Conference Room

Activity Level: Light

Results Attained:

  • Feel Great Giving Back
  • Morale Booster
  • Bring People Together

Great For:

  • Community Service Days
  • Kick-Off New Year
  • Break from Meeting or Conference

Our outdoor education group works with thousand of school aged kids every year and in the process has developed strong relationships with many schools, camps and other non-profit organizations that always welcome helping hands.

Imagine a day of giving back to one of these great organizations. We can customize community service activities specifically for your group. To make sure that the group stays engaged we will integrate team building and experiential learning activities throughout the day.

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