Team Building: Fusion Drum Works

Team Building: Fusion Drum Works

This event has been called: “A brilliant, electrifying and high impact team unifying session!” “An unforgettable experience!” and “Amazing! It left us with a buzz!”

Number of Participants: 20 – 400

Program Length: 1½ – 2 Hours

Space Required: Indoor or Outdoors

Activity Level: Light – Moderate

Results Attained:

Great For:

  • Kickoff a Conference or Meeting
  • Energizing Conferences
  • After Dinner Entertainment
  • Reducing PowerPoint Fatigue

Of course it has! Music has the power to transform, inspire, move, and motivate us both as individuals and as groups. It is one of the oldest forms of communication and a shaping force in our world. Visualize the effect of your entire company making music together! Drum Works is an event of common purpose guaranteed to add energy to your conference, team building event, celebration, product launch, awards dinner, or training program. This interactive team building drumming process breaks down barriers, reduces stress, has a great unifying effect, and most of all is completely unforgettable. Starting in groups of 20-30 people, and working with professional percussionists, your team will quickly learn the basics of the Samba while playing snare drums, kettle drums, floor drums, cymbals, tambourines, triangles, guiros, castanets, cow bells, and shakers. As confidence and ability grows, the smaller teams merge together in preparation for the stunning, thundering, uplifting crescendo as the entire group performs together in a pulsating performance of epic proportions. This event will make your adrenaline flow and your hairs stand up! Drum Works is infectious. You’ll find even the most reserved people are soon beaming from ear to ear and stomping their feet. If a sense of unity and shared achievement are important for your next event, then try Drum Works. It’s amazing!

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