Team Building: Mystery of Davinci

Team Building: Mystery of Davinci

Experience the thrill of the ancient search for the Grail with all the excitement of the bestseller!

Number of Participants: 10 – 200

Program Length: 2½ – 3½ Hours

Space Required: Museum

Activity Level: Light

Results Attained:

Great For:

Typically staged at NY’s Metropolitan Museum of Art (or in any art museum) teams use detailed maps and interact with the artwork searching for clues that will help them break the code to the cryptex. This is team building with fun, art appreciation, intrigue, and adventure all built into one event.

Teams meet in the lobby and get their dossiers including maps, clues, and secret decoding envelopes. Then they’re off on a hunt through some of the world’s most beloved art collection. While not a race, all teams must succeed at their quest to participate in the opening of the cryptex which has the location of something very important – oftentimes, dinner.

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