Team Building: Operation Military Care Package

Team Building: Operation Military Care Package

Earn as many points as possible and collect materials for your team’s Operation Military Care Package in the time allotted.

Number of Participants: 25 – 100

Program Length: 1 – 1½ Hours

Space Required: Indoor or Outdoors, Large Conference Room

Activity Level: Light

Results Attained:

  • Feel Great Giving Back to Community
  • Morale Booster
  • Bring People Together

Great For:

  • Community Service Days
  • Kick-Off New Year
  • Break from Meeting or Conference

Your team will work together to create care packages for our country’s brave troops. But, first they will need to compete for the components. Fusion will help you select a branch of the armed services to which to donate and then handle all of the logistics. Care packages can consist of a wide range of products and materials. Many companies include items and services from their own product lines. A series of icebreakers and activities will be inserted into the program agenda to ensure that your team building objectives are achieved.

Once care packages are assembled they will be presented to representatives from the arm forces or a local veterans group. The group will come away from this event with a new level of appreciation for our men in uniform as well as a stronger team bond!

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