Team Building: The Great Scavenger Hunt

Team Building: The Great Scavenger Hunt

This is a scavenger hunt like no other scavenger hunt. It’s just the thing to bring teams together in a fun and thrilling way!

Number of Participants: 25 – 500

Program Length: 2 – 6 Hours

Space Required: Conference Centers, Casino, or Cities

Activity Level: Moderate – High

Results Attained

  • Brings People Together
  • Effective Group Decision Making
  • Strategic Thinking

Great For:

  • New Hires Program
  • Training Days
  • Celebrating a Success

Our facilitators provide the rules and distribute cameras and limited resources. Then, with the drop of a flag, they’re off and running, finding the zaniest objects and picture opportunities possible!

The goal is simple: To earn as many points as possible by locating and returning with various objects, capturing challenging photo opportunities, and answering company specific trivia questions. Bonus points are awarded for creativity and enthusiasm.

Many variations including:

  • By limousine
  • Location specific: City, Casino, Conference Center
  • Mystery hunts
  • Amazing Race
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Video

Many scavenger hunts end at a restaurant or bar. Wherever it ends, people are guaranteed to return charged-up, laughing at themselves and others as the pictures flash across the screen. People come back ready to meet and talk with their colleagues as they share their day’s adventure.

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