Effective Feedback Workshop

Effective Feedback Workshop

Giving and Receiving Feedback is one of the most challenging skills to master. Giving & Receiving Feedback works with participants to explore the importance of listening as it relates to giving and receiving feedback and identifies the feedback style that works best for them.

Who Should Attend:
All Individuals in the workplace

Workshop Duration:

½ day – 1 day

Workshop Objectives:

  • Introduce a model for giving and receiving feedback
  • Explore individual styles and common pitfalls of giving and receiving feedback
  • Learn tools and techniques to effectively give and receive feedback
  • Practice giving and receiving feedback and identify immediate action steps to apply on the job

The workshop will provide an opportunity to actively participate and role play true-to-life workplace scenarios and learn new techniques for giving and receiving feedback. Participants will leave with new skills they can put into action immediately.

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